Senior Scouts

Senior Scout

Senior Scout Section can be started in 14 years and 06 months up to 18 years.

  • Scout Motto : “Look Wide”
  • Colour : Maroon
  • Units : Senior Scout Troop – Each Troop consists of Patrols
  • Patrol : Each Patrol consists of 6 – 8 Scouts.
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Objectives of Senior Scout Section

To achieve the Personal development of School Children of 14 1/2 – 18 years in physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and cultural educational objectives. To help build admiring nature, reading Scouting for Boys Book, playing games, camping and participating in Explorer and Adventure activities. To build Character using the progressive Badge system of Scout Award, Chief Commissioner’s Award, Prime Minister’s Scout Award and President’s Scout Award. To bring out the talents through the 52 Senior Scout Proficiency badges and 3 International Badges.


Conducting An Outdoor Meeting For 2 Hours By A Phase I Trained Scout Master Or Mistress. The Meeting Should Be According To The Scout Programme. A Troop with a 16 or more Senior Scouts (2 Patrols) should be considered as a separate Troop with a warranted Scout Leader. If a particular Troop has less than 16 Senior Scouts, such Scouts can be formed as a Patrol/s within the same Scout Troop.In A Troop(Unit) There Can Be Several Patrols . In Each Patrol There Can Be 6 – 8 Scouts. Each Patrol Can Have Names Of Animals And Birds.

MPC Senior Scout Uniform


If a Scout has joined Scouting as a Senior Scout, he/she will have to complete the Scout Membership badge and then get invested, and complete all the other Awards as for the Junior Scouts, but with the Senior proficiency badges, prior to starting the work for the Prime Minister’s Scout Award